Contact Info & Maps

Dry Creek Baptist Camp

P.O. Box 580

Dry Creek, LA 70637

Phone: (337) 328-7531
Fax: (337) 328-8258

Dry Creek Camp is located at the intersection of Louisiana Highways 113 and 394.
See map for more details.

Dry Creek Map


Dry Creek Baptist Camp Facebook Page

Louisiana Baptist Convention

Christian Camp and Conference Association

GA Camp Facebook Page

Boys’ Mission Camp Facebook Page

Adventure Youth Camp Facebook Page

One comment

  1. Cheryl Pitre · November 11, 2018

    Pastor Todd: This is Mrs. Cheryl Pitre. I attend IVBChurch
    In Indian Village. I am the choir member who presents
    the slides for the music. Wanted to tell you myself
    but you are one popular guy. I was so blessed by
    your teaching today. You truly are a teacher of
    The Word. God Bless you
    Cheryl Pitre


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