Challenge Course

Challenge Course

Dry Creek Baptist Camp offers both low ropes and high ropes activities, and you don’t have to come to a summer camp or weekend retreat to do it! These courses are perfect for work groups, sports teams and more. Our professionally-trained staff will lead your group through the elements to help you make the most of your experience.

Ropes Certification Week – May 22-26 (Recertification May 27)

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Low Elements Challenge Course

The low ropes course is a sequenced series of activities ordered as follows:

  1. Warm-up Activities and Games
  2. Small Prop Initiatives
  3. Sequenced Low Elements

The purpose of the low elements course is to build trust, communication, cooperation and leadership skills while teaching Biblical truth.

How big can my group be? The ideal group size is 12-15 people. If you have a larger group, it may be possible to split into small groups and go through at the same time.

How much time should we schedule? Activities 1 and 2 above take 1-2 hours per group. They must be completed before moving on to activity 3. To complete all three activities, plan on 2-3 hours per group.

High Elements Ropes Course

This course consist of a series of challenges built from poles, aircraft cable, cargo netting, and synthetic rope approximately 30 feet above the ground. A multi-faced climbing tower is also part of this course.

Participants are required to wear a helmet and safety harness and are secured into a safety system of ropes. The low elements course is helpful in preparing for the high elements experience, so we recommend that groups start with the low activities.

The primary purpose of the high course is to present an individual challenge. Overcoming fears and building self-confidence are the focus of these activities.

How much time should we schedule? A minimum of 3 hours is required for a group of 20 to participate in the full course.

The ropes course is available year-round and is ideal for groups youth-age and beyond. You don’t have to come to a summer camp or weekend retreat to book the challenge course for your group!

An Assumption of Risk form must be completed by each participant.

Proper clothing is required to prevent injury and accidents.

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