Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2021

It’s hard to believe the great impact COVID-19 continues to have on our lives and our camp. However, we are again looking forward to the summer and summer camps! Keep up with current information regarding DCBC summer camps and COVID-19 policies on this page.

Updated 1/25/21

The situation with coronavirus is still ever-evolving, and we don’t know what the landscape will look like this summer for certain. But our hope is in the Lord, and we are again preparing for and praying for summer camp.

Registration will open next Monday, February 1st, but we wanted to go ahead and share the details we have. More information will be announced as we have it! The cost is $212 per camper for all children’s camps and $225 per camper for Impact Youth Camp.

The biggest change this summer is that each camper must be registered with a church group and for each church group must provide its own counselors. This will allow us to keep groups separate as much as necessary. We don’t know at this time how many people will be allowed in each dorm or how many counselors each group will need. We do know capacity will be limited in some way, however, so we will have to limit the number of campers at each camp. Priority will be given to churches that rolled over their deposits from last summer. We will announce more information as we have it, but we hope this will allow you to begin planning for the summer!

Camp Dates:

  • Girl’s Mission Camp – June 21-24
  • Boy’s Mission Camp – June 28 – July 1
  • Journey Camp – June 28 – July 1
  • Impact Youth Camp – July 5-9
  • Preteen Camp – July 12-15

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does camp cost?

The cost for each of the children’s camps is $212 per camper. Impact Youth Camp is $225 per camper.

How many campers will be allowed at each camp?

Right now we are allowed to operate at 50% capacity, but it’s possible that percentage will change before the time of camp. We will update this page with information as we have it.

Why do churches have to provide their own counselors?

This policy adds a level of safety by reducing contact between campers and staff from different parts of the state or country. It will also allow us to keep church groups as separate as necessary.

When can I register?

Registration opens Monday, February 1st, and the process will be the same as it has been in past years.

Will campers have to wear masks?

We are unsure what recommendations and guidelines will be in place at the time of camp this summer, so we don’t know at this time if campers will be required to wear masks.

Will staff wear masks?

Again, we’re not sure what the recommendations will be at the time camp occurs, but at the very least, food service and first aid staff will wear masks and gloves whenever appropriate.

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